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3-way lighting


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Hello all, I'm pretty sure this has been covered before but my question is:

What is the best method to setup 3-way lighting with 2 dimmers? From my experience, 1 of the dimmers will function normally whereas the 2nd switch forces the user to hold the button down to either dim up or down the lights.

Is there a way to create 3-way lighting such that the 2 dimmers function normally?


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I replied to your email about this, I'll just copy it here for anyone who doesn't know:

The second device should *not* be a dimmer, it should be a 2-button

keypad, since you're not controlling a load.

Once you've installed as many 2-button keypads as you want to control the single dimmer (that's how you do 4-way as well), you can link the buttons together in Composer, which will cause all actions on the paddle of the 2-button keypad to be mirrored by the dimmer.

You do this via the connections page for the 2-button keypad. Connect the 'Button 1 Link' to 'Top Button Link' of the dimmer, and connect the 'Button 2 Link' to 'Bottom Button Link' of the dimmer, and you should be good to go.



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