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Party mode programming


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volume controls? That would require an immense amount of programming! You would need a variable to change true/false. When the party mode is actived, set it to true. Then on each button on a keypad that you wanted to make a V/C you would need to write something like this:

When Keypad Button is pressed:

If Variable "Party" is True

-(set it to raise the volume for the correct room)

-STOP (found in programming control)

If Variable "Party" is False

-(Control light or w/e it regularly does)


You would need to write that for two button in each room. One for volume up, and another for down. You would also need to have whatever button you have active your party scene, set the variable "Party" to true!

NOTE: I see you're using dimmers, (are the 2 button keypads, or dimmers?) that could make a HUGE difference in the complexity of the programming.

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