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VoicePod in the wild now?


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It looks like VoicePod is now available in the wild (http://www.voicepod.com/). I've been interested in it for a while now and the new videos on their web site have me drooling (here's a link to one:

). I'm curious if anybody has any real world experience with it. I'm emailing my dealer now to ask him to work up a quote.

As always, any thoughts or comments are appreciated!

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Thirst thought is that it's not out quite yet. Believe May 13th is the shipping date, so I'd be tremendously surprised if anyone other then beta testers can tell you much. Yes I know about the "get it today" on there.

My advise to dealers would be to strongly suggest to get one first and play with it for a bit before working out a quote - it's a great piece but there are many, many possiblities that can affect what one would need to expect (and charge) on time, and potential 3rd party pieces. It works GREAT as a standalone mind you - but it can be taken further yet by using externa mics, feeding into audio systems etc. There's a lot to take in - all well worth it.

That said, it's a well tested piece and the video's are very "real" in what they tell and show you - and there's far more possible as well.

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^Not bad, but raspberry pi/tcp driver/siri is much cheaper and probably quicker(provided you have an ios device with siri). Less steps to activate, with Siri you just hold down the home button. With the voicepod you have to swipe, possibly enter a passcode for your phone (if it's passcoded), open up an app and wait for it to load.

I do wonder if the voicepod requires exact commands like Siriproxy does, or if it can recognize what you are trying to say and convert it into a specific command.

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The voicepod doesn't use your phone as such (added functionality there coming however - USING Siri on your phone).

The piece itself is HANDSFREE - there is no swiping - you call out to it.

It has a plethora of pre-made commands (can't be bothered to count the several page list), some capability of custom commands (30 some) AND you can have is set up completely to your preference via their Bespoke service.

Every command can be programmed to do whatever you want, with some exceptions, such as for example - you tell it what TV channel (name) you want to go to - it goes to that tv channel in the predefined room.

It's response is basically instant - it connects zigbee to your system making the system response as quick as your system can (which, provided it's set-up right, is about instant)

Upcoming for the voicepod (later in the year) are versions (likely hardware based) where it has further interpretation options and it goes to the cloud to interpret what you say vs commands defined in the system. This will likely be a little slower, but obviously more diversified.

On top of that the Voicepod has numerous built in special commands (current weather, forecast etc where it goes and gets that info based on system location)

It also has speech feedback using an extensive library using a voice-actor (well over a 1000 words and sentence parts).

Should you not get what you need from that library - it does full TTS as well. It also lets you combine them.

Oh and you can record your own messages and play them back.

Audio output from the piece itself, from external speakers (line - out so can go to your distributed amp etc) or both.

Built in Mic or use the line in from a separate microphone - including wireless mics etc. Function there of course dependent on the quality of the mic you use.

It's speech recognition is extremely accurate in my experience - much more than Siri. It's voice recognition (custom commands) is freakish. I've created a custom command that was a grunt - and it catches it flawlessly. No I'm not kidding - I grunt at the thing and the lights go on.

So in short - the VoicePod

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Allegedly, this is available now. I've been told a price around $700. I'm just wondering if that's just for one unit in one room, and it's going to be $700 for each room I put it in? Very tempting to get on, but I probably need touchscreens in more rooms first.

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As per your other post - no it's not yet, official first shipping happens May 13th although they are trying to be a bit before that. But they haven't shipped out a production model yet.

Yes voicepod for a lot of things is tied to a room, and one voice-pod is one microphone at any rate, you can't tie in multiples. So to a degree it's a voicepod per room.

That said much of it's commands aren't tied to the room it's in at all and are programmed separately. As such they can be programmed to do things anywhere within your project.

Oh and yes most of that will be programmable using HE should anyone wonder.

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