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Communicating with Control4 keypad using ZigBee Pro


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We have an application that has nothing to do with lighting control for which we wish to utilize Control4 keypads to control the operation. We are interested in utilizing the keypads to communicate with our ZigBee enabled server, to start, stop and control certain operations of our servers. It is our understanding that the switches are ZigBeePro compatible. Is anyone aware of any difficulties we may encounter in linking Control4 keypads to a non-Control4 server? We are concerned about the initial linking of our server and the keypad and if ZigBee security functions that have been implemented in the keypads are going to be an issue. We are also interested in using touch screens but we are assuming that there will be similar issues to address.

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Really, do we need three posts asking the same darn thing :(


Since this is an issue that spans multiple topics is it unclear if someone capable of answering the question is only reading one of the three major forum topics. Someone reading the software post might not see the post in third party hardware since they don't read that forum.

For that reason, it was posted under different sections.

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