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UK heating control


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I have had requests from many clients in the UK with regard to zoned heating control. Many houses in the UK are fitted with central heating systems with thermostatic controlled radiator valves. I have found 2 solutions which would give individual control of zones in this situation, one of which is using zigbee radiator thermostats.

Please see the links below

Honeywell heating solution


Zigbee radiators


http://www.kalirel.co.uk/ (manufacturer)


The problem is that I cannot create 2 way drivers for the honeywell solution and I don't know if all zigbee devices are compatible with the Control4 zigbee protocol and how drivers would be created.

AMX, Crestron, & Netstreams all have RS232 drivers for the honeywell product and I have spoken with the UK dealer of this system and he has stated that he would love to have Control4 added to the portfolio.

I am really aiming this post at Control4 employees as they must look at this forum on a regular basis.

Help would be appreciated as this would be a huge selling point in the UK market.

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