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Video Storm releases FREE C4 squeezebox drivers for NetPlay audio


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Video Storm has just released FREE Control4 ipod proxy drivers for the entire NetPlay audio line.

This driver provides the following functionality:

- Mobile streaming from IOS/Android/Win with full metadata, coverart, and transport controls

- Integrated squeezebox server and player

- Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, iTunes, Shoutcast, and much more!

- Full list navigation for all squeezebox services

These drivers support both single channel operation for NBX010 as well as full multistream operation with NBX100 and NAB100.

NetPlay audio gives you an unbeatable cost basis with no published MSRPs. Try it today!

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Version 3 of our NetPlay audio driver is released today:

Feature additions:

Director commands to save now playing to favourites list

Director commands to play any channel / app / URL directly

Director commands for customer to save now playing song metadata to a "buy later list"

Bug fixes:

Fixed now playing display issue on HC250 & touchscreen

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NetPlay 1.7 adds multi-installation audio library syncing with BitTorrent-Sync!

Do you customers have a vacation home? Now you can automatically sync your audio libraries between all their properties for FREE.

BitTorrent-Sync works just like a Dropbox folder:

- Point BTsync at your music library folder on USB drive or NAS drive at each installation

- BTsync will automatically keep these folders synced

BitTorrent-Sync is an encrypted peer-peer connection:

- It is TOTALLY FREE regardless of your library size

- Completely secure

- Setup it up in 5 minutes. Port forwarding is automatic

- Supports any number of installations

- IOS and Android apps allow you to sync to your mobile devices as well

- BTsync runs natively on NBX/NAB, so nothing new to buy or maintain

Amazing? We think so to :)

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