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Combining 4 RCA video and audio inputs (camera) into one output


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Until IP Cameras come down in price a bit, I'm planning on using 4 CMOS cameras to provide some video feeds from around my house. The cameras I'm using output 2 RCAs, 1 for video and 1 for monaural audio.

I have a DVD recorder with a RCA L-R-V input, and I'd like to have the video feeds go into that, but I'd like to pass them through a multiplexer in order to have a 2x2 grid view of them (and ideally also be able to cycle through them). Even better would be one of the multiplexers that also serves the video as a web feed (i.e. allows you to use analog cameras as a pseudo-ip camera).

Has anyone had good experience with a reasonably priced option that fits this bill? If so, I'd love your recommendation!



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Axis 241Q is a camera IP server for analog cameras. That would be your best option. IMHO

Thanks for the lead. It looks like that one does not support audio and thus far I'd not been able to find an Axis model with RCA audio and video inputs. I'll keep looking, but any other tips are welcome.

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