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Upgrade to 2.5 stalled for 12 hours??


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Hey - I'm updating a really big project from 2.3 to 2.5 and it seems to be hung. The main controller (director), an HC800 went off line 15 hours ago and has not come back. The other controllers all went off line for a short time and came back. I can't ping the HC800. I can't connect to it with director. The other controllers may or maynot have updated, I can't tell since I can't get into them without a director running. Well, perhaps if I know how to start director on a different controller via telnet... but in any case, the HC800 is flashing the link and Data lights on the front panel and the ethernet port is active. It just does not respond to pings as if the IP stack is not up.

Should I reboot it? Or is it still updating? When do I decide it is hung and reboot?

Any ideas?


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