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More flexiblity in Director


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- Ability to select multiple lines of code and drag, like from outside an IF statement to under one en masse instead of one at a time

- Scheduling - I should be able to say IF between DATE1 and DATE2 and allow it to repeat every year, not just for the current year.

- Some sort of programming check that allows me click on a light or other item and see all programming agents that affect that item

- Ability to sort your scheduler items based on the date, title or other variables, not just sorted by creation date like it is now

5/30/08 - Also, in Email agent, ability to pull down existing email addresses used previously and to copy a previous template

- When you switch from SYSTEM DESIGN (or another category) to PROGRAMMING in Director, Director should keep the cursor in the

same place it was, not start you back at the top of the project. Would eliminate a lot of scrolling back to find it

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