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New adaptive lights

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Hi all,


I bought a bunch of the new lights C4-ADP120 adaptive lights. I found a few things that I would like to ask about:


1. The model I got was a C4-ADP240 (240 for the 240v we have here in South Africa), when I look at composer and I have searched online the only driver is C4-ADP120.

can anyone confirm this for me or is there a C4-ADP240 driver instead of the C4-ADP120.


2. Does the driver difference ADP240 vs ADP120 make a difference or is it simply the way the named the driver?



3. The other thing I don't understand is the electrician connected up the switches correctly according to the wiring diagram supplied on the pamphlet. The light was working perfectly. Now all of the sudden the switch responds (to a reset 13 up, 4 down 13 up or 9 up 9 down 9 up) the on and off changes the LED but the lights actually remain on at 100%. These are brand new dimmers. I had the sparky out again to check the wiring and he guarantees me that the wiring is perfect. If he takes the dimmer out and puts a normal on off switch on the same wiring the lights work.


Anyone got any ideas why these are like these, I am meeting him tomorrow there and would like to give him a few things to check if I could?



Thank you all for your time and responses

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Don't happen to have these dimmers hooked up as three-way do ya?

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Hi there thanks for the reply, what do you mean by hooked up "three way" ?

Is the wiring different for the three way than it is for the normal wiring?

Thank you again for your reply !

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The driver is the same with both versions. Does this happen in all locations or just the one?

I have the following config in the one location.

I have a 4 gang way box in there I have the new config 6 button key pad, dimmer 1, dimmer 2, dimmer 3

At first dimmer 1 lights would stay on so I thought we had a faulty dimmer so he pulled out dimmer 1.

At the stage dimmer 1 was in dimmer 2 & 3 worked perfectly. When he pulled dimmer 1 out, dimmer 2 started having the same behavior as dimmer 1 (the lights that was connected to just remained on)

The light/circuit they connected:

Dimmer 1 (was) connected to its own three dimmable lights

Dimmer 2 is connected to 5 dimmable lights 9w (each) dimmable LEDs - def was working well...

Dimmer 3is connected to 5 other dimmable 9w LEDS (works well)

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A three way is, when you have least one light that is controlled by two or more separate switches. Yes, its wired differently.

I will ask but Afaik each lighting cluster is run on a separate circuit. I.e. One cluster per dimmer.

What I am trying to figure out is why would one not work (dimmer 1) and the others (dimmer 2&3) work, when we remove dimmer 1 dimmer 2 stops working and dimmer 3 still works.

The other thing I am worried about is could my electrician have wired something so bad that he blew the dimmers?

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