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I have a HC300 controlling my Control 4 system. A HC250 behind my TV in the living room. A Dune media player to play all my movies. The system works great however I'm wanting to change what the system does after I stop the Dune player.

At present I select my movies through the onscreen Control 4 interface on the TV and then select the movie to watch.

When I am finished watching the movie and press stop on my SR250 remote the system goes to the Dune default screen as if it's a stand alone player. I want the system to switch to my satellite TV when the stop button is pressed on the SR250 remote.

My dealer has been today to sort some other issues out and I asked him to have a look at this for me. All the equipment is located in a rack in a cupboard so no boxes are on display. He set the system using Composer Pro to go to the default Control 4 interface when the stop button is pressed and refreshed the directors. Played a movie, or part of, and pressed stop on the 250 remote. Once again the screen on the TV showed the Dune default home screen.

I then programmed the following into my composer HE ( both his Pro and my HE are version 2.3 ):

In events


Selected Rack/Dune player

Stop button pressed




Select Rack

Conditionals: Video device selected [is Not] Satellite

Commands: Select Satellite.


When execute is pressed in composer HE the command works perfectly but when the stop button is pressed on the remote it goes back to the Dune home screen. The directors have been refreshed in Composer HE.


Are we missing something, missing a step out, or are we looking at this completely wrong. My dealer couldn't fathom out why it worked straight from "execute" in Composer but not from the stop button on the remote.

Hope this makes sense.


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Proper programming would be:


WHEN command "stop" is received in [room]

IF currently selected device IS Dune player (or IS NOT sat receiver if you want stop on other devices to do the same)

--Select sat box in [Room]


It sound like the trigger is the issue- which is why the programming executes in Composer, but not in 'real-life'

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