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EV Sonos Driver - Adding new Play 3 to give me Stereo

Gary Leeds UK

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We have the EV sonos driver and in our kitchen we have a play3 and sonos sub, however was looking to add a play3 to give

us stereo. 


The play3 which is set up on C4, does this need to be the left speaker or the right ? 


and is that how it works ?? 




 That is how it works - I can't remember off the top of my head which one it should be, but one will work and one won't.  I don't have a stereo setup anymore - morphed them into a 5.1 Playbar surround system which obviously uses the Playbar as the master.  You only need one driver in C4 though - as it's really actually a "Sonos Room" driver rather than a "Sonos Zoneplayer" driver, but that's by the by.

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