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various embernet components and sources for sale / trade


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Finally got around to some major upgrades during this Holiday season, including building out a new component rack and upgrading some items I have been putting off for a while. I've got the below items available, all just pulled from a working system and in great shape, just mostly dated and no longer needed for my system.


Open to reasonable offers, let me know what you think is fair:


1. C4 Media Controller (yep, the original one.  Works great, hard drive was replaced about a year ago by C4, other than that she's all original)


2. Original Home theater controller


3. about 7 embernet remotes - combination of RCZ-SRC2-B and RCZ-SRC1-B.  All working fine, just no longer on any embernet here. Was running 1.7.4 on the system prior to upgrade to 2.5.x


4. 1 6 button keypad.  It's on embernet, but I don't know which version as I removed this one a while ago before the upgrade. looks new.


5. Sony CX-777ES 400 disk DVD changer... This thing looks practically new and was hardly used...we never had more than about 50 DVDs in the thing.  Our viewing is pretty much limited to Dish and netflix library, so time for this one to go.


6. Linkplayer 2 networked DVD / media player.  Works fine, just a bit old but played a good bit of our stored media.


7. NeoTV 550 - again, working fine but we upgraded to a Dune networked player and consolidated functions into one device.


8. DSC IT-100 integration module for DSC alarms....This is brand new in the box, never opened.  I got a free Bosch GV4 through work and upgraded to the Bosch before getting around to integrating the DSC


9.  TvOne - 1T-V1280HD video to HD Converter - had this a while ago to upconvert a composite only source to go through my matrix video switch.  Works well if you need something like this.








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