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Marantz AVR Question


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I understand that Denon and Marantz are essentially the same, with Marantz being the CI line. I'm getting ready to install a Marantz receiver in my home tonight and was hoping someone can share some information with me and save me since trial and error.

Denon has IP drivers and Serial drivers available, direct from C4, for almost every model. Marantz has ONE and it is Serial.

Does anyone know if the Denon IP drivers will control the Marantz receivers? That's my main question.

The second is if anyone can sell me a rack mount kit. My local distributor is out of stock for a month.

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I think its an oversimplification to say they are the same and one is CI line.  More differences than that.  May not matter to some, but they are more than just re-branding.  Been over 2 years since I got my Marantz after always looking at Denon though so I don't remember specifics.  Any my Marantz has perfect IP control through C4.

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When I look at the online driver database the first time I looked at MARANTZ, and not Marantz.


Why it's in there twice is a mystery to me, but my first glance was at the wrong Marantz.


I do now see the Marantz SR5008 IP driver.




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