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Video Storm releases NetPlay Video IPTV matrix with free C4 drivers


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Video Storm is excited to announce the release of our newest product: Netplay Video. It is market changing technology which took years of innovation by our talented engineers. 


NetPlay brings you all the power and functionality of IPTV tailored to your specific needs.  No other solution can give you:


* Full HD video and audio distribution over existing coax or standard 100 Mbps networks

* Integrated streaming/cloud/local audio solution

* Integrated XBMC gui for Bluray/DVD file playback

* IR, RS232, CEC, ARC at every TV

* Direct support for HD IP cameras and virtually any web or network video stream


Unlike competing products, NetPlay Video is designed to work WITH all the other devices in your system. We understand that your job as a custom integrator is to sell and support systems that work together seamlessly.


Patent pending NetPlay technology will continue to add functionality and directly supported devices.  For a full comparison of NetPlay Video verses other technology:




Contact sales@video-storm.com for more information.


Please “like” us on Facebook for the latest product announcements and discussions. 


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Thumbs down and a major anti-consumer policy.  Good luck with your product...


In the other thread, someone posted that this product costs more than a Snap A/V 8:8 with built-in HDBaseT and eight HDBaseT receivers.

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NetPlay video is most often compared to Just Add Power's solution (scalable IP distribution).  Our pricing is similar, though in most cases more affordable because our decoders are less expensive and you usually have more TVs than sources.  Also, we do not need VLAN switches (any ethernet will work).


NetPlay video also gives you many more features than JAPs (and of course any HDMI/HDBaseT) solution.  

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