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Best Blu-ray/DVD Changer option today

C Stater

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I am preparing to install a Control 4 system in my new house.  In my previous home we installed a Control 4 system (nearly 8 years ago) and at the time we used a Sony multi-disc DVD changer that worked great.  Looking at the Sony site they don't appear to sell a disc changer of any sort today.  What are the options if I want to install a NEW (not used) disc changer?  Sony? other manufactures?  give it up and stream from NAS?  Looking for options.  I am working with a local A/V integrator, but would like your opinions.





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Realistically, there are no disc-changers anymore. Kaleidascape is a carrousel to hold the discs for legal reasons but is played from hard drive storage.

You'll be looking at a solution like that.


BEST as a standalone is the mentioned Kaleidascape, but other options are a Fusion Research system or a Diamond Designs Smartserver if you want 'drop in and forget' functionality. Simple, clean - you just pop in a disc and it'll pop it back out when done, no further interaction required. There's a few others that do this (claim this) but I don't mention them because I can't say anything good about them or I haven't used them.


If you're computer savvy and willing to rip/manage your own setup there's plenty of threads on other (generally cheaper) options on here.

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Thanks for the responses. I will take a look at the mentioned options. Ripping to a Nas device seems viable, but a lot of work.

It's actually incredibly simple when setup properly. My wife can do it with two click's of the mouse, and she's never done more on a computer than browse the internet.

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A400 is a popcorn hour media player model number, EV drivers are the drivers for MyMovies management software and the Popcorn hour to feed the data to the control4 system/have the system control it.


You still rip to a NAS (or have a smart server with built in ripping) but you have MyMovies take care of the ripping, finding cover-art etc and the drivers take care of the system side.


NAS solution really aren't that bad time wise once it's done. The occasional movie upload is nothing - it's the initial library ripping that can take quite a bit of time. The mentioned option of Fusion, dd Smart server and K-Scape are the easiest for this, as you just drop in a disc and take it back once it spits it back out: no clicking, no setup and so-one. Just walk by once in a while and drop in a new one.

Of course you pay for the convenience.

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Cheers cyknight.

It takes about 20mins to copy a DVD and 40mins for a blue ray.

It takes a good week sorting out your collection and then after that it easy.

Plus you can just add extra NAS drives.

I'm curious as to what you're using that only takes 40mins for bluray?

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