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Wireless Keypad Dimmer (gen 3) LED's blink constantly


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I put in a new (gen 3) 6 button keypad dimmer and it worked fine for the first few months.  The other day all 5 LEDs started blinking about twice a second, mostly green, but sometimes yellow and red.  I think this means it is telling me the signal strength, but when I pull it up in network tools it shows 3 or 4 bars of signal strength.  It is also only a few feet from a Card Access repeater and there are other older switches in that room, so the signal should not be an issue.


I tried rebooting it (15 top button taps), factory reset (9-4-9), leave mesh (13-4-13).  Nothing works, it always reverts to all the LEDs blinking constantly.


All the button functions work, so it must be on the right channel, I just can't get the blinking to stop.


Any suggestions?

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