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C4-AMP104 issues - red light


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Hi All,


My C4 amp is not turning on.  I can see the Matrix is handling the source, the source shows on my interface, but the amp is not clicking on.  It has worked in the past, been spotty at times, but basically now its a heavy expensive paperweight.


I tried moving the trigger button on or off, I tried plugging it into a different out.  No luck at all.


The "on light" is red, not blue.  The audio matrix, the "on light" is always blue, regardless if a source is playing.  The 1-2 times recently I got the amp to play, that light turned blue.


My gut tells me the red is bad (like most red light indicators).


Any clue or help?

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Red just means it's powered down - nothing bad at all, just an indicator.

UNLESS you have wired for it the 'trigger' switch should be OFF. In that state the amp senses audio input automatically and turns on by itself


That mode can cause some issues as it tends to be slow (this is normal, no different from any other amp that does this) and that it is (again to a degree by necessity) rather INcencitive - or it would be triggering all the time. This can cause the unit to NOT always turn on at low volume leves from the matrx.


For that very reaso I normally wire these up to a relay and contact on a controller, and have the system 'manually' turn it on - this however may require some amount of re-programming to make work.


While I don't recommend it for long term, if you have to wait on a dealer what you CAN do is wire the the unit back to itself (+5 to IN) and set the trigger to on. This keeps the amp on permanently.

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Thank you Cy - I think this worked.  At least it is working right now.  I adjusted the fixed volume on the sonos and tweaked the sensitivity settings and now its working.  Hopefully I do not have any drop outs or issues, but after a few tests in a few rooms it seems to be working.

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