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Advice On Whether Hardware Upgrade is Needed?


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I have had two Control4 systems now for a few years.  One at home, and the other at my office.


We are relocating to a new state, and I therefore now have two HC-300 director units available to me.

We are planning to use Control4 in our new home but have not yet installed anything.


My primary question is whether or not I should consider upgrading to a newer director like the HC-250 or HC-800?

Or will the HC-300 do an adequate job for running my new home?  I have not yet updated to the latest firmware, but I would plan do so when we install.


I already have some light switches and a thermostat from the previous home, and I plan to add more to the new home.

The new house has 3 thermostats currently.  I would like to put the C4 thermostat I have upstairs, but then get 2 more thermostats for downstairs.  I would prefer to have something a little more advanced than the C4 thermostat downstairs, perhaps something which has humidity control.  Are there any C4 compatible T-Stats which offer humidity control?



The new home has the following Audio/Video components which will need to be controlled:


1 Samsung LED TV set

1 DirecTV Genie box

1 Anthem AVM-50v processor

1 Samsung Blu-Ray player

1 Apple TV




I spoke with 2 different Control 4 dealers in my area about getting price quotes on the installation.

One dealer told me to ABSOLUTELY NOT consider using the HC-300 for my install.  He said I really needed to get one of the new directors in order to have good performance with the latest firmware.

The other dealer said the HC-300 would be fine.


I'm not sure who to trust?


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Indeed latest software won't run on the HC300 as a main.

I think the HC300 (and 200) were no longer advised as a main controller since 2.4 or 2.3 although you weren't blocked from running it.


As a delaer I'd probably not want to setup any system on anything other than HC250/800/1000 since 2013 - I would agree with needing an upgraded controller.

If it's more of a DIY system, I might say you COULD run at 2.5.3 OK with a one room system - though if you're reinstalling.....

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the hc 250 is an awesome piece and will be great for your application. However if you can budget there is noticeable difference in the speed and power of the 800. If not you can always easily upgrade at a later time and keep on the hc250 in another location. 

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It is more a necessity from a

1) zigbee radio increased radius additional external antenna kit.

2) 4 vs 2 audio out.

3) 4 vs 1 contact

4) 4 vs 1 relay

5) 6 vs 4 IR

6) easier more elegant to rack mount. Vs wedge behind the tv.

Than a performance measure.

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Thanks everyone.


We installed an HC-250 and one of my HC-300 units.  I'm using all 4 IR ports on the HC-250, plus another one on the HC-300 and the alarm system is using one of the Serial ports on the HC-300.  If I decide to add another room, I might use the second HC-300 for that.

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