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One button light dimmer.


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I would like to have the *-key on the SR-250 to mimic the ID-button/led on the Wireless dimmer Puck V-2.


a single tap to turn toggle on/off and while holding down the *-key the light should dimmer up/down.


I have been trying to figure out how to do half the day, is it even possible? :)

(I'm using CP 2.6)

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Set it to loop through 3 or 4 preset levels,  Off, Dim, Mid, Bright (could also be scenes)



Timer 3 secs

Level (a number variable)



When * pressed

If timer is running

....if level = 1, go to 20%, set level to 2, reset timer, stop

....if level = 2, go to 50% , set level to 3, reset timer, stop

....if level = 3, go to 100%, set level to 4, reset timer, stop

....if level = 4, light off, set level to 1, reset timer, stop

If light is off

....go to 20%, set level to 2, reset timer, stop

Light Off


How it works

Light is on at any level then the light turns off

Light is off then the light turns on to dim, IF you press again within 3 seconds, light moves up to the next level, and so on, as long as timer doesn't expire

Once the 3 seconds elapses since the last time you pressed the button then the next press turns it back off.


Why this works

Watching TV, want a little light, tap and you get dim light

Want a little more, tap again within 3 secs, and repeat; so from worst case being off it takes 3 taps to get to full on

The next thing you likely want to do is turn the light off again to continue watching TV, wait 3 secs, tap and the light's back off.

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This works flawless! Thank you RAV.


Unfortunally this is not exactly what I was seeking. I have moved on to try a button that has toggle/pressed/released, but cant figure it out anyway.


Let me describe the function that I want.


When PG up is tapped the lights should toggle on/off. But if i press PG up (hold it down) the lights should dim up, and when the button is released it will stop dimming at that given Point. If PG up is tapped the lights goes of in this state, but if its pressed it starts dimming down until released and stops at that given Point.

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What you want (If I understand correctly...) needs no programming, have your dealer bind the button to the dimmer's toggle.


I have many of my 6 button keypads set up this way.

Whoops, sorry, I should have re-read the whole thread.

Agree with Rav and Dogdvr.

To get a remote to do this, you are best to either use multiple button clicks to determine which level to turn the lights on to as RAV details above,

or loop through light levels, ie: 1st click = 20%, 2nd click = 40%...

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