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Slingbox to control Directv DVR


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I've recently purchased a Slingbox 500 (have yet to integrate into my Control4 system).

However, I'm having trouble finding any way to control the whole home DVR via the Slingbox onscreen remote.  I've tried just about every type of remote that the Slingbox configuration has but no DVR button shows up.

I have the HR44 Genie, HR40 DVR, and HR 24 mini Genie in my system.

Anyone have any advice on configuring to control the DVR??

Thanks in advance!

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I've tried to find something through the menus to access the DVR but haven't found a way to access the DVR.

I'm trying to configure the onscreen remote to have the DVR button and have attached screenshots of the 2 different type of Directv remotes that I've tried to configure neither of which has a DVR button which makes no sense....





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Pretty sure the 500 won't integrate into Control4.  Need the older 350.

I'm not sure what there is to integrate other than setting up a SLINGBOX room in Composer so the source (in this case a Directv box) can be controlled by Control4 remotely without having to have a TV turn on for example.  Control4 only needs to control the Directv box and not really anything to control on the Slingbox as it's just the messenger so to speak.

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