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Leave TV off, when Apple TV is in listen mode


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I thought I heard mention of this being an new option during the 2.6 keynote.  But can't find a way to do it.


I'm trying to get an AppleTV to come on and play through a receiver for Airplay in listen mode.  But leave the TV turned off.  Best thing I've found is some programming to turn the TV off after the Apple TV is selected.  However this will turn TV on, then immediately off.  We are hoping to simply keep it from coming on.


I could try so different connections that weren't HDMI in composer so that it doesn't have a video stream.  But I need to receiver to tune to that HDMI input.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or feedback.



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Nothing new in 2.6, nor is it required.

That AppleTV should be showing up under LISTEN. Select it there and the system wouldn't turn on the TV unless it sees some odd reason to (ie appleTV is connected tot the TV, tv audio out to receiver).


If it IS turning the TV on in that scenario, make sure you have CEC/HDMI control disabled.


If you have a Hydraconnect HDMI switch and and are using HDMI control - well you've found the reason I don't bother looking at their otherwise perfectly good switches over others...

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Cyknight is on the right track C4 should not be turning on the TV in listen mode unless its routed as an audio path. Something else in the system must be firing off a power command. You shouldn't need CEC controls so you can turn those off in the TV and may be a quick fix. I would be happy to look over your project to check audio paths. pm me

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