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Keypad Button to Program Pandora and Spotify


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Hi C4 Experts,


I am using Composer HE 2.6 and just recently added a Sonos Connect.  I used to have a button that on one tap, it would go to the wireless bridge; on 2 taps, it would be AppleTV; 3 taps will turn off the audio.


What I now want to do is:

1 tap turns on Spotify - plays a specific playlist

2 taps turns on Pandora - plays a specific station

3 taps turns everything off


Is this possible?  I was able to get the Spotify program on and playing whatever was built in the queue.


I am not familiar with setting up favorite lists for music.  



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In 2.6 you'd be using the V8 drivers - these have a separate driver for 'favorites' across the board. With that driver added any channels saved as favorite in their respecitve 'cloud' will show up under channels (and of course under the favorites 'cloud'), from where you can program to select them.

I'm not familiar enough with the Spotify to specifically help you with the playlist option there - time being the main contraint.

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