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Control4 Faceplates Wanted

Mark LaBelle

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I really don't like the Claro series of the Lutron's, so I thought I would reach out the group for the following Control4 Faceplates (some I'm not sure exist - since my dealer installed crappy screw showing faceplates for everything other than a single.):  **crappy dealer by the way**  Here's my rant - he knew we have a consistent house and put in crappy "screw showing" faceplates for every plate in the theater, basement, garage, family room, etc.  He even said to me:  "we don't have 2 and 3 gang plates, so I'll run up to home depot and pick up some."  I'd like to keep the house consistent, so here is what I have left to complete:


15 Single Gang Faceplates

8 Double Gang Faceplates

2 Triple Gang Faceplates





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Sigh. Some people...

Yes C4 has faceplates up to 4 gang - in every color.

You may want to specify:


Color (either matching the lights or complementing them)

if you want the 'old' style for the older lighting design, or the 'new' style for the current design.

Note that the 'old' style don't install very well on the newer lighting or third party devices - the new line is more universal and should work on any decora style device.

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Cy, does that mean the new style will fit power sockets.

Still means my CAT sockets have visible screws though.

Yes, they generally will. It is now a sub-plate and snap on plate set, as opposed to the pin style of the old ones.


I say generally because I've found some 'odd' plugs and other devices that are technically decora not fit great - then again, most of those (a 2 USB single plug I have several of in my house and a replaced  decora keystone insert - an oddball one from who knows where - I had for example) don't seat well in normal screwdown plates either.


And as hinted above - change those network plates (and others) to keystone units with decora inserts and match it all up.


Just a quick google example: http://www.infinitecables.com/usa/pr_wall.html

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