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Configuring audio


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I'm assuming you mean the Control4 HDMI matrix switch?

To a degree yes - the limitation being that you cannot watch that source on two TVs at the SAME time.


The C4 matrix has the ability to 'lock' inputs to an output dynamically, ie your theatre can be set to allow it to do this, which makes the HDMI matrix use THAT output (assuming you go from matrix switch to a receiver and from the receiver to the Projector/TV!) for EDID settings instead of the global (lowest) EDID setting, thus allowing a source set to auto to 'see' it can pass on surround encoding.


This can be done in settings (ComposerPro) but also via programming.

The setting option is quickest and generally means the source will see the better EDID on starting. It allows you to define which output/zones auto-lock, as well as what sources/inputs can be locked

The programming option can for some sources mean it sees the more basic option, meaning you may need to powercycle of manually re-do the auto setting at the source.

Doing it programitically however give you more options - ie you could make a BUTTON do this, so that you leave the option of viewing the source in multiple zones (while viewing in the surround zone) at the same time until a button is pressed.

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Thanks CyKnight.  The proposal that I have from my local dealer is for a Snap A/V Binary Matrix.  Everything I have read from their online Install Manual says that their switch will revert to the lowest available audio when multiple TV's are available with different audio capabilities for that zone.

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