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Lutron Radio Ra2 - FYI


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I recently upgraded my Radio Ra2 main repeater firmware to 7.5 and updated the Houselogix driver to version 24. I did this because I could never get the lutron motion sensors to work before this. They started working great so that I could reliably trigger events in C4 but I started having problems with the radio Ra 2 system freezing up and would require a reboot of the main radio ra2 repeater. I asked around on the lutron forums and the consensus was that it was a "network issue." I initially increased the keep alive polling frequency in the C4 driver to 90 from 60 that was the original setting but the problem persisted although less frequently. I finally turned the polling feature off in the C4 driver and my system is working flawlessly now for the past week - including the motion sensors that didn't work well with C4 before. It could be something very specific for my system but just something to know about for those of you using radio Ra2 in C4. Anyone else have this issue?

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