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Sirius Internet radio options


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are there any other controllable hardware options for Sirius Internet radio besides Grace tuner and Sonos?

other than a full blown AV receiver that supports it? I am having issues with Grace tuner and I can not use Sonos because the EV driver does not support 2.5.2 :(


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Well, updating to 2.5.3 to use the 7.5 Sonos driver is not anything major, and while it doesn't have the fancy interface of the Sonos v8 driver, no option would as it's the new media proxy that required C4 system version 2.6.


So a minor update would get you using a Sonos - not as fancy, but still VERY useable.

VideoStorm's Netplay devices also support SXM internet radio, but unsure where they are at for system requirements - should be pre 2.6 though.

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