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battery operated "button"


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So we recently got a dog and our trainer is telling us she can train our dog to ring a bell when she has to go out for the bathroom.  I laugh at this idea but the trainer said its very easy and useful.


I saw the Axxess industry doorbell.  I need something with that design - battery operated, can sit on the floor by our front door, etc.  I wonder though, is that button a good size?


The dog is 10lbs, so the button does not need to be huge, but I wonder if a typical "doorbell" is big enough.


Ideally something to program into C4 so we can play an announcement we can hear in various rooms when the dog needs to go out.


Any hardware ideas outside of the Axxess doorbell?

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Card Access Smart Pressure Sensor (Model No. SPS10A) in conjunction a Card Access Wireless Contact Sensor, Model No.

WCS10A-2-ZP with firmware version 2.00.09 or greater (ZigBee PRO) -or-. Model No. WCS10A-2 with firmware
version 01.03.17 (EmberNet). Placed under a designated potty training mat:




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