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Driver for sharp 60LE951x


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Does anyone have a working driver for the Sharp 60LE951x.

I've tried the out of the box IP and IR drivers for other sharp models and none work.

I've created my own IR driver and having a few issues with the so called discrete codes...

For example. When I emit IR code for DTV from within the driver wizard it behaves like the discrete code and the selection remains on DTV . The minute I add the driver and use in earnest, it treats the DTV code as a DTV/ATV toggle. Then whenever I select TV as the source, I get snow from ATV..

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Hi Dan,

It was a few weeks ago when I tried it, I'll try again and play with it some more.

I don't think this sharp model is in US, but if anyone has a known working driver, I'd love to here from them..

Spent about 6 hours on this and family getting really frustrated...( anyone would think they are trying to get it to work)

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