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Detecting Marantz AirPlay state


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Hi all,


C4 noob here. I'm replacing a DIY Indigo / Insteon / Z-Wave system with a new Control4 system. I'm trying to replicate the behaviors I had in the old Indigo system. One of the things I haven't yet been able to replicate is detecting when my Marantz AV7005 has turned itself on because an AirPlay source (iTunes) has connected to it.


There are two problems I haven't found a solution for. First, I want to turn on the C4 "room" so that the remote can adjust volume, etc. The only way I can do that is to select an audio device for the room. But if I do that, it'll interrupt the AirPlay session already in progress. Is there a way to tell C4 it should be in a mode without triggering any of the mode-related state?


The second problem is how to turn the system off if iTunes disconnects. It used to be I could check the input on the receiver and then shut it down if it was on "NET/USB". But "NET/USB" is really an umbrella label for a number of streaming services supported by the Marantz. With Indigo, I could test for the "NET/USB" value, but with Control4, I only get specific inputs, none of which is "NET/USB" or AirPlay. I'm not sure the C4 driver even knows about the AirPlay input because it's not something C4 can control. It just gets set by the AirPlay source connecting to it. Any idea how I can read what the current source is? Is there a log file somewhere or a variable I can check?



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It could be. The documentation for the driver I have says "Control4 certified on 3/2/2011 for software released versions: 1.8.2, 2.0.6." It doesn't have a version number for the driver itself, but the version history indicates it was last updated in January 2011.


In any case, the documentation doesn't help. The entirety of the documentation on sources is this:



Not all sources are available on all models. Sources that are not available can be hidden from Navigator using the "Device Visibility and Display Order" dialog in Composer. This dialog can be accessed via the "Modify" button found on the "Navigator" tab in the room's "Properties" pane.
Is there an alternate Marantz/Denon driver? Something newer than 2011, perhaps?
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This may be difficult to do depending on the driver itself. I have not tried this myself as we use the music bridge.you could trying detecting a change in power state of the receiver and if the receiver is turned on you could have the system select the receiver itself. this may give you transport control and definitely volume control with out it swapping inputs. you could then rename receiver to airplay. let me know if you need any remote assistance!

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