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Speaker a b switch w ir


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what are you trying to do with it? Sounds Like you would just set up a room house audio. Make all the proper connections, then thru custom buttons have it select a or b speakers. Further more with automation you could have a come on automatically or certain sources select a or b.

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I am trying to add a switch behind a single zone on the c4 amp so I can use 2 rooms from A single zone. I know what I want to do and how to do it in c4. I just can't find the hardware.

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Cy, didn't think of this can you explain it better on what you are thinking? Thank you!

Two DPDT relays connected to the controller. One for left and one for right

UN energised they are speaker a. Energised they are speaker b.

Could be both energised through the same connection to the controller.

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Sorry, I am being slow on this.  Can somone explain how you woudl wire this?  I am using a c4 AMP and i want to use 1 zone for 2 rooms but have independent on off.  My idea was to use a speaker A/B switch but I like the relay idea, just not sure how to wire it all up.

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Per channel:

You would wire the amplifier  Positive out to the COM on a relay.

What's next depends on what you want.

To be able to ONLY do one or the other, you'd wire the positives for each respective speaker to NO and NC

To be able to do either/and, you'd need 2 relays - tie each common to the positive and each speaker to NO

The you then program when zone a turns on - close relays for zone a right zone a left.


2 relays for OR 4 relays for AND option.

Negative just get tied directly to amp.


Discrete control, no doubts.

Works fine for basic distributed audio which I assume is what you're doing - wouldn't recommend for surround, high end listening.

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