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NetPlay delivers Virtual Video Walls (tiling) & PIP integration in C4


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Want the functionality of a video wall but don't like the extra expense and disruptive bezels?
Would you like to be able to watch 4 games at once on the same screen?
How about controlling your video wall from any C4 device, including tablets?
With NetPlay AV, now you can do all this on EVERY TV in your installation for NO ADDITIONAL COST!!!
Our December firmware update brings you three unparalleled features, fully integrated in Control4
  • Virtual Video Walls:  Control any or all of your TVs as if it is a Video Wall.  Display from 2 to 6 sources simultaneously 
  • AV PIP:   This feature gives you PIP functionality on all your TVs, selectable from any NetPlay AV source or IP camera.
  • Video OSD:  Use Control4 programming events to trigger programmable duration video overlays from any NetPlay AV source or IP camera.
Virtual Video Walls, Video OSD, and AV PIP are only available using NetPlay AV from Video Storm.  No other video distribution technology can deliver this level of performance and functionality.
Take advantage of our dealer demo program to test drive NetPlay AV yourself and see why it truely is video distribution without limits!  Contact sales@video-storm.com for more details.


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Hopefully good!  I got Netplay a few weeks ago - going to see if my dealer can get me this update soon.  I already have Video OSD working (if my alarm goes off the TV's will go on with camera feeds, or if someone rings the front doorbell and a TV is on then you can see the driveway camera to see who is there).  The PIP/Virtual Wall were not yet 100% functional when we installed the system but we were told a firmware was being released soon and this must be it.  


I may need another way to select sources for various parts of the TV because I already have custom buttons in play for other audio/lighting/security uses around the house.

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