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Radio RA2: VCRX and Control4 driver


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I have a Lutron Radio RA2 system, and a Control4 home automation system.  I am using the latest HouseLogix/Lutron Radio RA2 Control4 drivers, v24 (from here: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/radio-ra2)


The issue I am having is with the VCRX unit (which controls our garage roll door). 


I was able to install the VCRX and drivers correctly, and am able to Open/Close the garage roll door via Control4 (by invoking the “Scene 1”, “Scene 2” buttons from Control4).  However, it does not seem that the driver is working correctly.  I am trying to get a notification in Control4 whenever the garage roll door opens/closes (including when someone uses the hard-wired Chamberlain garage open/close button on the wall).  In Control4 Composer Pro, I have a script attached to the “Output 1” events, but those events never seem to fire.  Our garage door opener is attached to the Lutron VCRX unit in the “Output 1 / C” port (I also tried listening for Control4 events on all the other Output/Input options, but none of them seem to trigger when the garage door opens/closes).


Any idea what might be going wrong?  I am assuming this is a supported scenario.

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That would be a shame.  One would think that the VCRX has all the info needed to know when "Input 1" opens/closes -- and looks like the Control4 driver has those events, they are just not working.  Assuming this doesn't work...


Does anyone have a recommendation for a favorite contact sensor for this purpose?

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Yes and it works great.

Are you toggling the door open and closed or is it a relay setting (sustained open and closed?)

I used the visor control unit in a fireplace (relay to turn on and off) instead. Interestingly it is able to define the state (on or off) of the fireplace. On is when the relay is closed and off is when relay is open.

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I was having the same problem. The fix is programming the input in ra2 to do something. I have it triggering other relays on the vcrx that aren't being used. Now It is reporting the events in control4 and shows when the garage door is opened or closed. 

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