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My Home System (don't laugh!)


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Well, here are some pics of my very own C4 system at home. I know it's not much, but not bad for a 20 year old bachelor living at home! (temporarily!! I have my own appartment, but I'm working near my parents so I stay there during the week)

Ok, so, let me do a little explaining. First, this is just parts and pieces I've managed to acquire after working in the AV industry for a while. Plan on upgrading as I can.

This is a list of my stuff:

Sony 32" TV (forget which model number) 1080i playing XBox 360 (/drool, just got that beastie)

RCA POS old tv I got for free (I have like 6 tv's downstairs for Halo 2 Xbox Live parties with my friends)

Onkyo TX-SR503 Receiver

Microsoft XBox and XBox 360 (just made a driver for that which I'm going to post on the driver section)

Sanyo VCR (What's a VCR?)

TiVo (if you don't have one, you NEED one for ATHF)

Control 4 HTC with networked music

C4 System Remote

Cheapo but ok sounding surround system (Which I will upgrade when I get speaker moneys)

Yep, got it all set up finally. It was a mess before. Now everything is in my C4 system and works GREAT. The 360 is AMAZING. It can do at least half the stuff the HTC can, and more! (Such as play WMA (DRM and unprotected) MP3, AAC (unprotected) and a few other formats) Looks great on the HDTV.

Anyway, that's my cool guy game station.

EDIT: Pics not uploading. I'm off to dinner, hope to get them on later.

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OK, now clean out that closet back there and move everything in there with Game control plates on wall and cut open that wall, build a cubby hole so your TV is flush and you've got something!

Ha! I knew I should have shut the Shop Door.

Build a cubby??!!! HA! I'll just get an LCD or something eventually.

:D I"m going to see how cool I can make it (those will be my before pictures) being totally cheap (cause I have to) and changing it so it looks much more custom ;)

YOu should have seen it before though. I finally got that place organized instead of wires everywhere...

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