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your favorite receiver?


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hey all,

i'm on a quest to find the best mid-priced AV reciever. what is your favorite? i have been looking at Denon for the following things: 3 component ins, 2 COAX digital ins, composite to s-video to component upconversion and post-master volume PRE outs. $450

since it's always good to have more than one, does anyone have a lead on another brand of reciever with these specs? preferrably one IR control of A/B speakers...



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Onkyo Integra DTR7.2

i added on the Onkyo M-282 for discrete rear channels.

this is the perfect receiver IMO for that price range.

built-in ABUS zones, 2-way RS232 control, 2-component in .... etc.

i would ALWAYS look for RS232 support as the FIRST criteria. i wouldn't worry too much about the number of component inputs - they NEVER have enough. get a Zektor switcher for handling the extra requirements. it also handles the digital audio and up-conversion from S_Video.


i see them go for about $700 US now

you can't beat the quality or the features of this machine.

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http://us.marantz.com/Products/1120.asp $649 retail but dealers can get it in your price range.

90 Watts x 7 Channels

Simple Set-up Menu and new Cursor Controlled Advanced Menu

7 Channels of Discrete Amplification (SA ready - Current Feedback)

Video Up/Down Conversion

32bit DSP with 192 kHz/24-bit D/A converters for all channels

Variable Crossover Points

Detachable power cord

HDCD decoding

Pure Direct Mode

Multi-room /Multi-source Audio with discrete commands

One caveat is that the 2nd zone control is NOT on the main remote! There is an IR input on the back soley for 2nd zone that you have to add a 2nd remote and some sort of TX RX device to use. This isn't an issue if you're using Control4.

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