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How to improve my mesh


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Hi all,

My house is 32m long and my living room is at one end.

All my av gear is in a rack at the opposite end in the storage room

The theatre room is directly adjacent to that room and thus I have no issues at all, as soon as I pressed a button on the sr250, it works, changes channel, volume..... No problem.

In the family room, which is at the other end, some 3om away plus add a few walls with insulation, I constantly have issues.

The Sr remote does not always work, I have to stand up from the couch and wave the Remote in the air until it catches on and turns on, volume change.........very annoying.

Is there anything I can do to improve the response between the sr250 and controller? Is there some kind of zig bee extension...

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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there are many options! Zigbee extenders are one, but another option is to put light switches on c4 between the rooms. All switches serve as extenders, so not only do you get additional functionality but you build a stronger mesh. Do you have any c4 lighting?

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As an Aussie, he may not have C4 lighting as C-Bus dominates the smart lighting market there. 


As msgreenf suggests, a Zigbee extender. Or an HC-250 (or a used HC-200) at the TV to provide a Zigbee Access Point.  This has the added benefit of providing additional IR capabilities and a Navigator.


My brother's house on the Gold Coast had similar problems you describe - he has lots of concrete walls. We had to create a separate Zigbee mesh (on a different Zigbee channel of course) on an HC-250 to resolve it - a ZAP in the area wasn't sufficient.


And have you checked your WiFi channels? How many WAPs / Wifi routers in the house or in that area? What WiFi channels are they running on? And what Zigbee channel is your mesh on? In a perfect world, you could keep your WiFi to channels 1 and 6 and your Zigbee on 24. This will ensure separation as far as these devices are concerned, but won't account for common offenders / interferers including baby monitors, 2.4GHz cordless phones and neighour's WiFi.

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply but I m on after hours call out, so a bit sleep deprived.

Thank you very much about your advise and replies.

I unfortunately do not have any lighting on the control4.

I am using it at the moment as a basic system, being more a universal remote than anything else.

I intend to to add lighting as I think it s a good feature but it will be in the theatre room, which is only one room away from the storage room and av cabinet.

For the family room, I am not so sure I need it.

Can anybody please tell me why I would need it.

I am completely clueless about c4 lighting solutions.

How do you turn them on, via remote or switch. Any pros and cons ..?

Does c4 have. A dedicated zigbee extender or is it something I have to get externally?

When it comes down to wifi and mesh, I am also a bit clueless.

I have a modem router dual band, 2.4 and 5 ghz I beleive which is alo iN the av rack, then I have a apple time capsule in the lounge room.

Can I programm the zigbee mesh to pick up signal from app,e time capsule..

Once again, thank you very much for your help.


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zigbee is a low power WiFi. Why your remote can run for months on the batteries and your phone WiFi uses the battery in days.

Lighting first works just like any other light switch.

Second it can be controlled by remotes, scenes and other scheduled events.

Those control events are communicated by zigbee.

Zigbee unlike your router computer star topology can take messages and pass them on through the mesh. Just like a WiFi repeater.

So putting lighting between the two rooms would allow the living room remote to talk to the light switch to talk to the controller instead of the signal problem you have now.

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Lighting is one of the best aspects of Control4 period - you do 1 or 1 rooms you'll want to do your entire home. Some of the more popular things you can do include:

* Lights dim when turn on theatre / TV at night or any time

* Schedule outdoor lights to come on/off at dusk/dawn

* One button to turn off all lights in house at night or when you leave

* Lights come on automatically when you enter house at night (needs some form of motion / contact sensor or integration with security system.)

This is just a start....many more capabilities.

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Hi guys,

Indeed lighting looks great. I am very tempted to do some lighting in the theatre room to allow dimming and few more things when movie is paused or stop, started...

I am also keen to do some kind of lighting in the kitchen and family as when we walk up the stairs ( we have a pole home) the lights in those area turn on so that we can see everything or potential problem even before we enter the house ( the house wraps around a 10x10 deck with glass door all around so, you can basically see everything in the house when you are on the deck)

That will be great for my wife especially when I am on after hours call out and she comes home before me at night...

I also looked at the locks and appears to be able to offer similar ideas, such as turning lights on,disable security....

As my old dealer is no longer available I have booked a time to see a new one ( platinum dealer this time) and see if can take over and add a few things but he s so busy, I have to wait 2 weeks..

Thank you again for the advice

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