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simple garage door test script for comments


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hi all

i wanted some feedback (is this executable script?) on this very simple script that executes a lighting scene and turns tv on and to channel 39 when garage door is opened at night (i am assuming night time means after sunset in composer). I'm trying to initiate these events so when I walk in after work after a 12 hour shift, I can plomp down and veg out with espn automatically

if during the day, just turns the kitchen light on

any thoughts on adding more useable functionality would be appreciated



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Kirill has a good point you have to think about every possible way the homeowner could cause that event to happen and make sure you program for it. In Kirill's case of leaving to work at night, off the top of my head, I would have C4 check the security system to see if it's already armed. If so then most likely someone is coming home and rather than leaving. NOTE: To make more certain of that you could have the setting of the alarm (to away mode) set a trigger after the alarm has been set for say 5 minutes. ...and when the garage door opens, if it's after dark, and if the alarm trigger is true then turn on TV.

Or you could get a car sensor and put it in the garage. ...maybe not cheaper but easier implementation

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