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Controller HC300 & Remote for Sale


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All items are used but in excellent condition. Want to sell in order to upgrade. 


 Home Controller HC-300

The Control4 Home Controller HC-300 provides options for controlling lights, home theaters, distributed audio systems, and other devices controlled using various protocols, such as Infra Red (IR), Serial, Contact, and Relay. It provides extensive media management services for audio sources, such as CDs and DVDs stored in connected devices. It allows you to use an external storage device with USB support for media storage, and it has multi-zone audio capabilities that can send music to rooms throughout the home. Once the controller and other system components are installed and configured (using Control4 Composer software or another Control4 setup program), your users can control the system using one of the two user interfaces included with this controller: On-screen Navigator or System Remote Control or any other Control4 user interface device (available separately). 
For more info: http://www.control4.com/files/dealers/documentation/200-00031_RevF_HomeControllerHC-300_Online.pdf 
Two-Way Universal Control4 Remote Control
Features * Easy to use High visibility screen and backlit keys for easy use in any lighting conditions. Tons of control in a small package that fits perfectly in your hand. * Quick access control Single button press to turn on your A/V gear and start watching or listening to your favorite movies or tunes. * Bi-directional communication Two-way communication with the Control4 home automation system gives you status information as well as control of any connected device. * Anywhere control Wireless connectivity enables control of any intelligent device from anywhere in the house no more pointing the remote at the TV. * Anything control Control an entire home automation system with this compact remote. Ditch all the other remotes in your house this does it all. MFG: CONTROL 4
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