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Restarting previous music source on source change?


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Im listening to music trough TuneIn on hc250.

Then i switch to NVR which is connected to another HDMI input on AVR and normally music stops because of how AVR handles inputs.

Can i somehow resume listening to the music by going back to hc250 as a source?

Both are connected to AVR, NVR with HDMI and hc250 analog audio out to analog audio in.

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easily no. you can create playlists and access those. Right now control4 is aware if you change audio selections control4 is aware and basically clears the digital media. you could create a fake room always connected to the audio as a place holder. kind of wonky imo. Best solution i know of is to use sonos.

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Hey Matt, thx for answer.

I'm really starting to get annoyed because every time i try something that should be normal everyday use i cant use C4 completely.

Its either use Sonos or whatever else to get full functionality.

We are even considering just using Sonos and HDMI switches instead of using AVR with C4 just because its a pain in the "A" to explain to the customer "no you cant do that"...

I don't know is it even possible to hold on audio stream while switching to "watch" source...so when i select "listen" the music just continues like before.

Its like having CD running but when i select "watch" the CD player isn't stopped, it keeps on going...

I just hope they figure this out soon because this is the "issue" which 95% of customers were using before implementing C4 and now they cant.


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its all about system design. everything you are talking about can be done. Just depends on the equipment and how it is integrated. Control4 has a reliable system to make control easy and intuitive. I feel ya though. However there are solutions to every problem its just a matter of time, equipment and creative programming. you could use a second audio room to keep c4 streaming in the back ground.

you could do separate audio and video distribution.

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