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Movie theater recliner integration?



Has anyone integrated their movie theater recliners into their home automation system?  We just bought a new movie theater couch that has electronic recliners.  They basically just have up and down buttons to recline.  My children always seem to leave them in the reclined position when they're done watching a movie.  And while; yes, I could just teach them to put them back in the seated position like a good parent would do, it's now turned into a "cool factor" idea in my head.  I would love it if when we pressed the "Room Off" button after watching a movie the recliners automatically went to the seated position.

I've never used the contact and relay connections on the back of my HC-250 but I'm thinking it'd only require running wire from the relay to the up/down buttons.  Other problem would be finding a good way to use the contact sensor to sense whether the seat is all the way down, or up.  Anyway, just spit balling here.

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It would be simple to use the relay on the control4 Hc-250.

To do this, it would just be a matter of connecting your COM and NO to the recliner up button leads behind the switch. Then adding a generic relay to control4 project, program relay to close when room turns off then delay amount of time required for recliner Togo from completely reclined to upright. Then open relay. To ensure this won't hurt your recliner, test this process first by reclining completely and then hold the upright button until upright and continue to hold for a little while longer. Let's say double the time it takes. Listen to see if mirror keeps trying to run or if it just shuts off. Then if you have two or more recliners, you can daisy chain them in parallel.

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