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Motorized exterior shades


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Hey guys, I'm adding about an 18 foot wide and 13 foot deep section on to one of my decks, and building a gabled roof out over it. I want to have power retractable shades that can drop down on one of the 18 foot sides and one of the 13 foot sides. I'm okay with it being multiple shades to make up the span if need be. I also want something that can be controlled by Control4 (obviously).

What do you recommend for this, and more importantly...what wiring should I get in place to ensure I have what is necessary? It will be opened up in about 2 weeks and for me to pull the wire. I can get it from the deck attic down to the mechanical room. 

Thanks in advance...I have no experience with motorized shades.

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Normally I would agree on CAT for most blinds - but if you're trying to cover those distances (and not have too many breaks at elast) you MAY be looking at 11v motors - at the very east, they may be 36v - consider running thermostat wire instead at the least - if at all possible, know whether or not you need 110v, or plan to have some outlets or junction boxes to run from later.


We actually just became a patio screen specialist (officially that is) - are you looking for shades or something more along the lines of patio insect screens? Or something that offers both plus wind protection? (No I'm not trying to sell to you - though it's been some time since I've been by the City of Saints ;)).

Go look for Oasis® 2900 (or the others) here: http://insolroll.com/patio-shades/

It'll do the 18' in one piece for sure on the 2900 series - they're proving quite popular here.


And yes we tie those in with C4 of course.


Note - you'll need 110v

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