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My first Rack Build


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as the title says this is my first rack build i've only been working with this company for about 3 months and have been working on racks for about 1 month. i'm happy with the result and i can't wait to install it in its new home. just in the middle of programing the HC300 right now but i thought i would post some pics.

hope you like them


equ installed:

1x Bell PVR

3x Bell Sat Reciever

1x Apple TV

1x Marantz DV4001

1x Video Storm 8x8

2x Monster Power 3600 MKIII

1x C4 tuner w/XM

1x C4 audio Matrix

1x C4 Amp

1x Marantz SR5002

1x C4 HC300

so not a bad little setup i think a good budget system for sure total cost w/o labour $9k

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WOW . .for your first job thats really GOOD. Actually for ANY job thats really good. I would have used some bracing for the Coax coming from the Cable/Satellite TV boxes to relieve some of the strain on the F Connectors. I have a new employee who will be wiring his first rack next week.

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Wow that's pretty good! Do you guys use any lacing bars on the back? I think they give it a little neater appearance and support (like GoGo says). The wires would come out of the back of the device, go to the lacing bar, then to the side of the rack, down the side until it gets to the next lacing bar, across it, and then back to the equipment to be plugged into.

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