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Audio return into control4 matrix


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So , i've done something like this, optical out from tv - audio balun to rack - into input 3 on audio matrix - output 5 for  the control4 amp. when i press watch tv , everything is fine, it works . But when i press watch sky1 or sky2 the input on the audio matrix its changing to number 5 , number 5 is another tv in the house, with exactly the same setup, and the tv on input 5 its turning on. its like control4 choose that tv to be the audio source in another room. anyone got this before ? is this making any sense? 

Thank you

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3 hours ago, Cyknight said:

Or multiple sources.

There was a new 'specialty' driver released just today - I've yet to look closely let alone test, but it may just solve this exact issue.

Can you please tell me what driver are you talking about ? i would like to give it a try .

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