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Playing Sonos Favorite station



I am new to Control4. I have gotten comfortable with the programming on Composer HE and have set up several things for lights, alarms, etc.

I have a 6 button keypad in my family room and would like to program it to play my favorite station on Sonos when I press it. In the programming section I can see the "play" command, but the media selections seems to be tied into Control4 rather than Sonos. I have looked at the media section of Composer, but don't understand why it needs an XML file to import anything.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not sure how to find what driver was installed. When I go to the properties I see driver 8.1.2

I was actually able to figure this out a couple hours after I posted the question. I had created the favorites in the navigator, so I had assumed I would be able to see them in Composer. It seemed very counter-intuitive to me to set them up in composer also.

I can eventually figure things out by trial and error - but the lack of documentation is somewhat frustrating.

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The best way to do sonos favorites is, as mentioned, using the sonos favorites driver.

Programming example:

When button one is pressed

Play the sonos favorite "Top Hits" in the Family room.

(go to the right side and look for the sonos favorites driver, and click it, and then you'll see in the window below that, a device specific command with ellipsis "..." box for play and then below that for the room you want it to play in)


It's difficult to provide documentation for everything control4/composer can do, and it would be pages and pages of irrelevant stuff to your project anyway. You probably wouldnt need pages of programming on KNX lighting or split HVAC systems or  panelized lighting if your project doesn't have those things. Maintaining such a repository with third party drivers as well would be a gargantuan task. Composer does include some bits about the gist of programming concepts though. This is why the forum exists so that people can share information about the drivers and programming specific to what you're trying to accomplish.

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Thanks for the tip. I emailed my dealer and asked whether or not he thought the favorites driver should be installed. It must have been simple - he installed it right away. The single command line for programming worked perfectly.

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