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Best Pool/Spa Controller integration?



I'm looking to add my current pool and future spa (hot tub) into C4. All of my current hardware and old controller is Hayward. I have a chlorinator but I want to add a full automated chemical/pH system, autofill and maybe UV/ozone.

This means I have to upgrade my current equipment. From searching and reading the forums, it seems that the Hayward Omnilogic driver is useless and the Pentair or Jandy drivers are somewhat functional.

Pool is open from May to September. Spa will be open 4 seasons (heated walkway to unit). 

Which product do the experts recommend for the best C4 integration? 

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I agree with South Africa user. The Pentair Control4 integration is "ok". Really does the minimum and has a poor GUI. You end up using the mobile (or desktop) app most of the time. It works well and is way more user friendly. By the way, to connect to Control4, you will need to buy a pentair adapter and it is quite expensive, something like $500-600 retail if I remember correctly. Keep it in mind as the benefits are very limited. 

And yes, I was very motivated to interface with my Control4 system and convinced I would use it a lot :-)

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The only 3 times I really use the C4 integration as opposed to the native Pentair App are for:

1. vacation scheduling where I have control4 turn a few things on 24 hours before I return.  This includes the heating of the spa and, at some times of year, heating of the pool.

2. Email alerts and push notifications (in certain circumstances)

3. Control of pool and spa light (which happen to go through the Pentair system first but could probably have been connected differently if I had thought about it).

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