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So my daughter has an itunes playlist that she maintains and updates and she uses it at various times around the house.  Getting it to play hasn't been too much of an issue.

The issue comes in when she turns off her room.  she isn't telling itunes to stop playing before she hits room off.  so later tonight when I turn on the apple TV it is blasting away on my tv now.  After a few times of this I realize her playlist has been playing all day and all night for days on end unless I happen to want to watch the appletv and stop the damn thing.

So I need to program this thing to stop when she hits the room off button, here is my code, which is not working by the way.  The stop command works by itself, but I don't understand why the if command doesn't work.  is it testing the condition after the room is off, therefore no device is selected?  its the only logical thing I can think off.  Any suggestions for sending the stop command in a room power of scenario?  I feel like I'm just being dense here.

when Room powers off

If current selected device is Itunes

>send "Stop" to itunes



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Like you've already said yourself:

WHEN room powers off - you've just set the current device to NOTHING

If current selected device is .... well that will never be true.

In fact - assuming you are using the IP driver - the driver should just be set to 'on room off' to do a stop or home command. No need for programming at all.

That way, if the room is turned off, IF the ATV is not in use anymore elsewhere - that command will be executed. I prefer HOME, but you'd have to try and see - I never do what you describe, and while I assume it would stop the playlist from playing, I cannot say for sure.


Note that if you're using the iTunes driver - it has the same options.



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