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Looking for camera recommendation with specific criteria


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Looking for a camera that meets the following criteria:

1) ONVIF/Blue Iris compatible
2) PoE
3) discreet - this is going in the corner of my kitchen to view both a dog crate and an entry way for a patio door.  I do not want a big hunk of a camera in my kitchen.  Looking for something "covert" or clean and ascetically pleasing.
4) FOV needs to be at least 75 degrees if not wider

http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/Prod_GVIPCAMUNP2500.asp - looks like a good low light performer but will not mount in a corner nicely

http://www.phylink.com/products/PLC128PW/PLC129PW.htm - no write up on low light performance (nothing on lux, IR, etc)

Anyone else have anything else in mind?  I do not mind a 720p/1mega pixel camera.  Replacing a foscam that is on the counter top and that is only 1.3 mp and its fine

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yeah i know they are small and trade off is poor low light performance.  but this is not really a super critical view (i have a nice camera outside that door in the yard) so this is mostly for watching the dog during the day.  I could also trigger C4 to say if alarm goes off, turn on kitchen lights, so almost instantly giving me good light in the kitchen for the camera to record if there was a break in.

Phylink makes an even smaller one but the FOV is just at like 55 degrees and that may not be enough.  Just wondering if others had any experience with these models or cameras like this for such an application.

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