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Program Time Out of Scheduled Program

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So I have scheduler set to raise and lower blinds at certain times every day. These blinds are in my master bathroom. I'd like to program a 4 button keypad to have one function that 1. Closes the Blinds and 2. Overrides any scheduled program for say 20 minutes. This of course to make sure the blinds are down and STAY down while in the shower if you happen to shower right during the scheduled "opening" time. How do I do this?

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Create a variable, boolean type [override]

In the schedule events, for those blinds add:

IF [override] is false
- open master blinds

In your scenario, you would ONLY add that even for blinds open - as you don't care if they get closed again

Now create a a timer, 20 minutes non repeating [showering]


WHEN keypad button 4 is pressed
{whatever else you're doing}
start timer showering


WHEN timer [showering] has been started
Set variable [override] to true


When timer [showering] expires
Set variable [override] to false


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I do something like this with irrigation (and it works great) as if the irrigation is running when I shower, the water pressure drops.

In addition to Cys code (above), when timer expires, as well as turning the override off, I also check if irrigation should have started during the period (blinds open in your case) and I start the irrigation if need be.

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