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Issue with Linksys Router (EA9200) and Audio Matrix


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Hello All,

I been having this issue for a while and I'm not sure there is a workaround, but before swapping the router I want to know if anyone has solved this issue.  

I currently have to reset my AudioMatrix every 12-36 hours due to its IP being dead.  The unit is not showing that it has lost connection with yellow caution symbol on the front, but it wont play an audio music until i rest it.  If I use an IP scanner on the network it shows the device IP is dead and the router no longer shows the device on its network map.  I had the dealer try and set it to static, I reserved the IP on the router and even set it's priority to high.  Nothing seems to work.

Is this something that can be done to fixed this issue or do I just need a new router?

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