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Old school cassette deck integration


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In addition to my place, I'm renovating my mom's new place and installing c4. She will never use streaming services. She likes her local Fm radio stations,  cassettes and records.

Has anyone integrated a dual cassette deck? I have a feeling we will just trigger the power on and she will have to manually control the deck to play, rewind, etc. If this has been done with actual automation of the deck then I'd love a model number.

Same for a record player.



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First off - I think you'd be best to 'make' it digital for her.

You and her will likely be surprised by how much she'd like a channel list for TuneIn, plus her music easily selectable as digital music through the C4 interface (just use stored MP3's.

It, by design, is a CLASSIC easy in actually. It's what this sort of thing was designed to do. Just have it set up correctly, with a portable C4 touchscreen on her side table (no apps to open, always there.....).


That said, IR controlled cassette decks are still out there, but expect to pay a HEAVY premium or expect to go by a lot of garage sales. And yes, it could be integrated into C4.

But in principal you have the idea down, items like that are generally not controlled itself, but C4 is used to set receivers etc to the correct inputs and control volume. There's even special no-interface drivers with icons for tape decks and record players now.


You could try and find a Sony TC-WE635/835 or almost any Nakamichi player - Ive done both Sony models and 5-6 Nakamichis. If IR is secondary, Pyle makes some pretty decent units still.

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